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Become a smooth, creative content creator with Regan’s online 30 Day Content Creation Intensive.

Learn the secrets of creating effective content that converts.

Creating compelling content, regularly, for multiple digital and social platforms, can feel like an overwhelming task for any entrepreneur.
  • Business Strategy

Let Regan guide you through a series of powerful videos that will teach you how to create beautiful aligned content for your business while tapping into your true message.

But, it is not just about strategy either.
Regan takes you on a deep dive into the mindset and energetic alignment of content creation. By sharing her own tried and tested mindset practices, which will have you stepping out into the spotlight as a content machine.

What will you learn?

Part 1

Create aligned content that converts across multiple social media platforms

Part 2

Express yourself with vulnerability to speak to those who want your message

Part 3

Become a content machine and develop your own unique voice and content strategy

Part 4

Move past the fear of putting your message out there

Part 5

Increase your exposure and visibility


I'm not very good at writing or expressing myself in words. Is this course for me, or more for a professional copywriter?

No! This course is exactly intended for people just like you, not the professionals, otherwise you would be just hiring them. This training is to give the hesitant writer, YOU, a confident ‘voice’ online and to instil confidence that the message is clear, meaningful and attracts the ‘right’ audience for their products or services.


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30 Day Content Creation Intensive

From: USD$137.00 / month for 3 months