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What could that freedom mean for you, your family and your lifestyle?

Regan’s 15-Day online Wealth Creation Intensive guides you through a series of videos that will teach you how to create multiple income streams as well as get clarity on the strategies that are right for you.

But, it’s so much more than just strategy!

This product/service is NON-REFUNDABLE
Regan takes you deep into the mindset and alignment of wealth creation by sharing her own tried and tested unconscious rewiring and alignment methods that will have you upleveling to millionaire mindset quicker than you ever thought possible.
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Learn how to:

  • Awaken your natural state of abundance and wealth 
  • Create massive external change by shifting internally in an intentional way 
  • Understand how to build generational wealth 
  • Lock in your big-picture reality 
  • Rewrite your beliefs about wealth and money 
  • Understand wealth from an energetic perspective 
  • Create your wealth environment 
  • Create results that last 
  • Understand the mindset of leverage 
  • Identify self-sabotage before it happens 
  • Redirecting the energy you channel so you can redirect it into abundance and much much more

Do you desire to call in multiple streams of income while creating generational wealth from a space of ease and grace?
Join Regan today and get INSTANT access to the course so you can start calling in your massive internal and external wealth NOW!

10 reviews for Wealth Creation Intensive

  1. Karine

    Fun synchronicity, I completed day 1 today and i received shortly after an order in my online store 5x bigger than my regular sales. I thought I’d share in case it inspire someone to set their intentions too.

  2. Dorica

    The biggest breakthrough-identifying self sabotaging patterns, mindset of leveraging, sources of how how money can flow in…..
    Its interesting the as soon as I identify my self sabotaging patterns, I see it clearer and able to stop myself from self sabotaging
    It is interesting to see how I have been leveraging without knowing I am leveraging, and also a different perspective on leveraging.
    It is amazing to see how money can flow into my life, and also the most common theme is mostly revolving around passion too, the online creation stuffs.
    It is amazing too that some of the questions, at the start is I have no answers..but if I sit with it, really reflect and take time, mind really expanded and soul answers come up too.

  3. Niclas

    Well this is the last day of wealth creation intensive and it was amazing, I learned so much and the biggest breakthrough was the fact that I got more clarity and my mind has expanded with new ideas, beliefs and insights.
    And even though this is the last day, this it is not the end for me, it is now a new beginning because tomorrow morning I will start my 12-week online empire building training with Regan, so it’s all upwards and onwards from now on.
    Thank you all, love you and wishing you all the best with your wealth creation and so much more. Until we meet again, have a great day, take care, bye bye

  4. Deepika

    Thank you so much Regan Anne Hillyer for this incredible journey giving me a sneak peek into my future reality.Until now, I haven’t been able to really feel into the energy of having achieved my dreams inspire of doing meditations regularly. But this journey changed it all. I am now able to tap into the Big picture reality and could see where I could go wrong, what would expansion look like, how do we leverage.our time and money, partnerships… WOW !!. I now have all these tools with me charting out the entire map of wealth creation. With these foundational tools , I NOW TOTALLY BELIEVE IN ME , MY DREAMS and that I could achieve my big picture. So grateful to you Regan and all the wonderful souls part of this tribe. Sending you all many blessings

  5. Scott

    Firstly I would like to thank Regan and her team and all of you in this group for your kind words you’ve all inspired me so much, day 7 for me was a wake up call.
    I hope you all make loads of money and change this world for the better, this is still my big picture I’m definitely going to own at least half the world and turn it into a sanctuary for animals and highly spiritual people alike heaven on earth .
    This 15 days have been amazing for me this is not the end its the beginning and I will 100% be doing more of Regans programs, so with love and peace I hope we all continue to do this

  6. Diana

    Thanks Regan Anne Hillyer for this immersion.
    Simple yet profound.

  7. Angela

    Who is celebrating with me?
    Yesterday I wrote down my new beliefs about Wealth and imported them into my Quantum field…
    Today I received a 7k Swiss Francs payment for a Private VIP Goddess Mentorship Program.
    Created it with such flow, ease and grace like never before!
    And receiving it with deepest gratitude!

  8. Julie

    During each day of training, miracles came and still are coming to me, so I couldn’t resist them
    Here are some examples:
    1. After Day #2 I quit an unpleasant job and a new, higher-level, part-time job appeared, I took it.
    2. After Day 3# I started to continue writing a children’s book and I finished. On the same day, the publishing house of Luise Hay called me with proposal to publish my book – I haven’t told anyone yet about my book (?). I pinched myself to see if it’s real or not, lol. I agreed to the surprised proposition, but now I wonder about the benefits of traditional publishing vs self-publishing, I have no experience here.
    3. after Day #5, the people I hired for my long-term project were banned from the company and after Day #6 new people appeared for less money.
    4. After Day #7, I decided to get my money back from three sources. One is already on my account and two are on their way to me.
    5. After Day #10, I found my first Affiliate check in my mailbox, and I did that a long time ago.
    6. After Day #11, two valuable people contacted me with whom I can create a great things.
    On Day # 12, I started Wealth Creation Intensive once again, but from a different level.
    Sincerely thank you for everything and everyone. And I have an irresistible desire for much more.

  9. Claudia

    Wow! Thank you Regan for this journey and your wonderful teachings. I definitely expanded my mindset and possibilities as well as having more clarity.
    Now it’s time for me to take action. Now that I’ve created more space for me to do what I actually want (by ending the projects/ activities which were not in alignment), I’m excited to be starting 2 new projects. I feel more confident and better equipped now mentally and energetically.

  10. Margaret

    I have had the most amazing synchronicities in the past 6 months since diving DEEP into 52 Days Activating Abundance immersion. I could literally write a book on the last 4 years and how I shifted from broke in all areas to returning to my natural state of pure organic bliss. These past 2 years alone, amidst the chaos and noise externally has been the most epic time to dive inwards, truly explore and ignite many areas of life that alone of us tend to stop thinking about in times of survival instincts kicking in..
    Today, I received a message from someone I said I would be doing business with 4 years ago confirming the dream is no longer a dream! It is now in my reality. YES! Right here, right now! I am sharing this to inspire you to play the long term game and be true, to you..

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