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Be Guided To Greatness with Regan and LaKeisha.

Regan Hillyer and Lakeisha Michelle combining forces to help you shift into your inner artist.

Do you dream of waking up every day living into what you are truly passionate about?

Unleash the Artist within is a 7 part video
series hosted by Regan & LaKeisha where
they share their renowned journey
to success and living in abundance
as artists.
  • Mind & Meaning

Learn these 7 unmissable lessons to help you go from stuck to success:

Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1

Getting Clear on Your Vision

Lesson 2

Committing to Your Vision

Lesson 3

Dealing with Resistance

Lesson 4

Hacking Your Identity

Lesson 5

Creating a Well of Inspiration

Lesson 6

Designing Your Environment

Lesson 7

Taking Aligned Action


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Unleash the Artist Within