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UNLEASH-  Starter Program

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Do you yearn to write a book? To set down your story and free the creativity that you know is just waiting there to be unleashed on the world?

Unleash your creativity and share your story with the world. Overcome common writing pitfalls and bring your book to life quickly. Don’t doubt your worth and let go of self-sabotage.

Craft your genre-defining book in just 90 days with Have It All Publishing’s UNLEASH Program. Created by renowned author Regan Hillyer, this step-by-step plan incorporates her learnings as a multi-published author to guide new writers in crafting a publishable book.

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Unleash is a 90-day program that takes new writers on a step-by-step journey to craft a publishable book. It provides both internal upgrades and external strategies to ensure a swift and seamless process. Guided by renowned author Regan, the online program helps writers develop their skills and create a coherent and methodical text. Benefit from Regan’s experience and expertise in crafting acclaimed bestsellers, with the program offering learning, creating, self-checking, and evaluation phases for confident progress.

And then, you have the opportunity to join the ever-growing Have It All Publishing troupe of published, #1 Best Selling authors, some of whom have progressed to their second books.

What Will I Learn From Unleash?

  • Regan’s personal formula & exact processes that she’s used to write multiple books – fast
  • Understanding & knowing the reasons for writing your book
  • Identifying and scheduling the ideal time for you to write
  • Nail down your book idea/ successful and realisable brainstorming
  • Nailing your core idea (The Foundation)
  • Figure out your niche
  • How to create a writing plan
  • Setting Expectations
  • Setting a specific writing goals
  • Learn how to create deadlines
  • Setting objectives
  • Creating a book outline
  • How to write your first draft
  • How to then develop and expand your draft
  • How to unlock your genius
  • How to share your personal stories
  • Beating Writer’s block
  • Outlining your conclusion
  • Determine your book title
  • Learn how to get published

UNLEASH is for you if:

You know you have a message to get out there that can be of benefit and service to others.

You have been thinking about writing a manuscript for some time, but always thought that it would be too hard and too long to learn the processes involved.

Have a manuscript already, but it needs to be edited and refined and you don’t know where to start.

You want to progress to being a HIAP #1 Bestselling Author and this is the first step for you.

You need assistance with motivation and self-doubt.

You need knowledge about structure and clarity with writing and expressing your ideas.

You want to ‘cut to the chase’ and get your book out and published – fast.

You need an accountability partner and a dedicated structure to work within.

The 90 Day Unleash Modules are and include:

Day 1: Laying The Foundation

An exploration of exactly what you want to achieve from the writing process and what your message is that you wish to convey. Nailing the basis of your core idea and understanding the exact reasons for writing your book. Identifying your niche audience. Establishing the best time of day for you to write.

Day 5: Regan’s Exact Processes In Writing A Book

A step by step guide to actually laying down the framework of your book. An investigation and understanding of the processes that Regan actually uses to script her books – fast.

Day 10: Write Your First Draft

How to create a writing plan and set expectations around the writing process by setting specific goals. Learn Regan’s processes around how to create deadlines and set objectives. How to create a coherent book outline and how to produce successful and realisable brainstorming.

Day 20: Reviewing Your Outline

Assessing how best to relate your personal stories and review whether you are meeting your expectations and objectives as devised in your draft and unlock your genius to have clarity around the process.

Day 30: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Everyone at some stage in the writing process gets stalled and this phase is often where even the best writers drop out of the creative process. Learn to overcome writer’s block by using Regan’s proven methods and systems to beat writer’s block and move forward with confidence.

Day 40: Revisiting Your Identity As An Author

An evaluation of where you see yourself in the writing process. Learn about Regan’s tips and tricks to overcome self sabotage and the imposter syndrome and to define exactly what sort of author you are.

Day 50: Activation to Recalibrate Your System

Learn Regan’s methods to activate and recalibrate your system, to review your work with a sharper focus and renewed vision.

Day 60: Bird’s Eye View Of The Whole Process

Understand Regan’s process and skill set for reviewing the draft manuscript, so far. And how best to edit, review and revise with clarity and focus.

Day 70: Crafting The Title For Your Book

An understanding of the processes around crafting and choosing a title for your book that will stand out on the shelves and grab the attention of your niche audience. How to discern a ‘good’ from a ‘not so good’ title.

Day 80: Grounding Into The Completion Of Your Book

Nearly at the finish line, and believe it or not, this is where so many would-be authors stumble. A step by step guide on how to craft and outline your conclusion. An investigation and assessment of what is a finished, polished work and what is required to complete a manuscript.

Day 90: Step Out Into The Future As An Author

You’re there! How to manage the next phase of having a completed manuscript and the knowledge and understanding around the steps to becoming a published author.


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Unleash – Starter Program

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