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You will never feel lost and alone in the world ever again with Regan’s powerful 20 minute activation to facilitate your connection to your spirit guides.

Embrace this timeless wisdom that transforms lives.
  • Spirituality

With this activation, you'll find your spirit guides waiting there for you. They have always been there, now you will be able to access them.

Course Breakdown

Part 1

Step into your spirit guides’ powerful light, loving wisdom and guidance. When you use this activation you will be able to tap into the guidance to manifest…

Part 2

Physical health and wellbeing.

Part 3

Expansion of your business.

Part 4

Experience trust in the universe.

Part 5

Attract the relationships that you want.

Part 6

Receive profound insights.

Part 7

Download upgrades in hour DNA.

Part 8

Create abundance in your finances.

Part 9

Feel connection to and trust in that part of your divine self.

Part 10

Use the activation again and again to fully integrate with your subconscious.


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Spirit Guide Activation