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Missed the Soulbeat Live Event? Don’t worry, get access to the recordings

This 2-Day intensive event is an amalgam, an omnibus of all of their best loved and much acclaimed SoulBeat programs, condensed into 2 sensational, personally empowering days, broadcast live & online!

It’s SoulBeat LIVE and it’s all about activating the beat of your soul for transformative and enduring, positive change!

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1 review for Soulbeat Live Event (Access to Recordings)

  1. Michelle

    Weekend Retreat in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

    I was lucky enough to experience this event in real time. Working through the various activations – I have never had so much electricity and positivity coursing through my body. I felt gratitude for all of my life’s choices that brought me to this moment. Coming from this perspective of grace allowed me to identify and release ideals that no longer serve my soul’s purpose, making room for significant upgrades.

    SoulBeat is more than just sitting around passively accepting the universe’s gifts. Be ready to work for it with intense, loving movements and vocalizations. Emotions will release, revelations will be made, blocks will be cleared, you will meet your soul guides (you might even feel the presence of a loved one who has passed on from this world), and you will feel inner-connected to all the positivity and abundance this universe has to offer. Soulbeat was a beautiful trip through varying magnitudes of blissful energies, highlighted with beautiful music, vocalizations, and harmonic sounds (so much talent from Regan, Juanpa, and their team!!). As the activations worked their way through my being, I felt tingles, pulsations, ripples, and aching as areas that have long been stagnant opened up.

    A big thank you to Juanpa and Regan for making Soulbeat so accessible. I look forward to participating in this recording time and time again. Open your mind and be ready to receive; I highly recommend taking the SoulBeat Journey.

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Soulbeat Live Event (Access to Recordings)


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