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Learn How To Embrace Your Intuition And Effortlessly Align With Your True Calling

Regan and Juanpa here…

The most fulfilled, successful, and spiritually awakened people in history demonstrate it every second of their day.

If you could describe it in one word: Certainty.

You can feel when a person is certain. It radiates off of them!

Their posture invites opportunity. Every move is intentional. You lead by their rhythm.

They leap into situations no matter how daunting they appear because…

They’re connected with their purpose, passion, and soul

Imagine that your every breath, every gesture, every choice (no matter how seemingly unimportant) had a purpose.

Somehow… you knew it was right. Even if you couldn’t explain why.

You’ve probably felt this way at some point in your life.

Ask yourself a question. The answer given within 3 seconds comes from your soul… AKA your intuition… Your mind butts in afterward listing all the reasons why it’s right or wrong.

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We’re Magnetically Drawn To The Most Intuitive People…

Their Soul Is FULLY ON FIRE To Channel Challenges Into Blessings!
Their Energetic Thermostat Is at a RECORD HIGH – They Are OVERLOADED With Abundance!
And The PUREST WISDOM & INSIGHT Downloads Into Their ‘Human’ Computer

It’s the secret to Apple’s $1 Trillion worth.

Steve Jobs famously said,

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want to become.”

So if trusting your gifts, pursuing your passion, and living your purpose merely requires courage…

Why do so few of us experience it?

Why do most people obsess over the pros and cons of every choice… preparing excuses if their failure can’t be swept under the rug..

Never making the decision they want… yet shambling through life unfulfilled..

Because Of Energetic Soul Blocks!

Layered upon us since birth.

See, our soul really does know what we need. Life piles on false energy.

When people judge you, reject you, or plant limiting beliefs into your mind, that brings you further away from your soul’s truth.

Multiply that for every day you’ve been alive.. It’s no wonder that most people live in a manufactured way.

Now Imagine This…

You’re using the Soul Remembrance Method to do really, REALLY big things on this planet. The world fully supports every pen stroke over an item on your bucket list.

You know your gifts and why you are here.

You embody what you came here to embody.

Your channels are open to receive more… to be more… to share more of your light and gifts!


As a partner. As a business wizard. As a LEADER.

You could walk into any situation blindfolded… perfectly execute decisions from your soul… and be at total peace with the outcome.

You can navigate small challenges…

…Like handling a child’s subpar report with ease and grace…

To seemingly DEVASTATING ones!

Like coming up a hair’s breadth short of the ticket to $1,000,000!

And shrugging it off because you know your soul will reward you with 10x more abundance, wealth, fulfillment and freedom!

Soul Remembrance Online helps you distinguish whether something comes from your mind, ego, or soul!

So what does that mean?

The mind is internal yet it can deceive us. Left to its own devices, the mind goes crazy!

It reacts to everything yet observes nothing of significance.

Ego needs logic & explanation…

Every True Desire You Have Comes From Your Soul!

It has already happened across time and space!

Your soul requires no explanation.

We help your soul remember what it already knows to accelerate results in your life.

How The Soul Remembrance Method Is Structured:


How to Get the Most out of this Training
The Remembrance Formula


The Art of Manifestation
Using the Power of Intention
The Power of Your Unconscious Mind


The 7 Layers of Being
The Language of The Soul
Your Soul’s Truth


Understanding Your Different Bodies
Rewiring Your Mind-Body System


Unconscious Pain And Pleasure Motivators
DNA Soul Level Activation


Vibration vs. Frequency
Raising Your Vibration


Connecting With Your Oversoul Connection


Opening Your Channel


The Soul Recapitulation
Accessing Super Flow States
Igniting Your Intuition


Increasing Your Capacity to Receive through Surrender
The 9 Forces of The Soul


Time Manipulation


Going Deep into Masculine and Feminine Energies
Using Sexual Energy for Manifestation


The Collective Ascension Process
Your Personal Daily Manifestation Ritual


Moving Forward into Your Future

Program Bonuses


Access to All Future Versions

As JuanPa and I continue to evolve and grow, so will this course. We are constantly on a journey of exploration: meeting shamans, spiritual masters, and guides across the world, each time experiencing MONUMENTAL shifts in every area of our lives that we feel compelled to share with our clients and with humanity. So, we are giving you the gift of access to all of the Soul Remembrance Online Course versions as it gets updated… for LIFE! 


Lifetime Access to the Soul Remembrance Online Community

You can share your transformational journey with an incredible community of like minded individuals that will undoubtedly stay with you for life.  You’ll be a part of our soulmate tribe, and we’ll be here to support you every step of the way! And the best part? Aside from the course attendees and the RHI team who will be there to help you anytime, JuanPa and I will also be giving direct coaching inside this group too!


Two One-on-One Personal Coaching Calls with a SoulBeats certified coach

We always make sure that everyone who joins our programs will benefit from all the group lessons that we teach. But we also want to reinforce all learnings and guarantee that you can have an action plan tailor-fitted to your needs. So as an additional bonus, you will get two 20-minute one-on-one calls with your personal SoulBeats Laser Coach whom we selected and trained personally. They went through a rigorous certification program to pass our high standards. You can ask them anything you desire to help you on your Soul Remembrance journey, and they’ll provide you with the feedback you need to get the most of your experience.


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Soul Remembrance Online

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