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Uplevel you and your clients’ lives with Regan and JuanPa’s rapid, meaningful Quantum Healing and their Quantum Healing Certification.

A 16-week, intensive program designed to tap into the infinite power of Quantum Healing to produce rapid, meaningful results.

This product/service is NON-REFUNDABLE
Accelerate your personal and spiritual evolution for profound results that truly transform, and so that you can be of absolute, effective service for your clients.
  • Mind & Meaning
  • Spirituality

Achieve macro results in micro time. You’ll learn the tools and modalities that Regan and JuanPa use with their private, 1-on-1 clients (who invest upwards of $1 million to dollars a year to work them!), that help them achieve the most amazing transformations. And fast!

Here are some Exclusive Bonuses that you will get...

  • Plasma (Valued at $333)
  • Manifestation Ceremony with Regan & Juanpa (Valued at $111)
  • Ignite Your Purpose Activation (Valued at $111)
  • 7 Day Full Potential Intensive (Valued at $1397)
  • 2 Hour Blissful Activation (Valued at $97)
  • Building a Soulmate Team (Valued at $495)
  • Purpose Energetics Masterclass (Valued at $197)
  • Heal Yourself Activation (Valued at $22)
  • Spirit Guide Activation Valued at $33)
  • Higher Self Activation (Valued at $22)
  • Reset, Recalibrate, Rise (Valued at $33)

What will you learn?

Part 1

Discover all kinds of amazingly effective tools for transformational healing and release – and experience these for yourself.

Part 2

Receive hours worth of incredible training videos with JuanPa and Regan to facilitate multi-dimensional learning.

Part 3

Experience for yourself the effortless manifestation that is intrinsically possible once you’ve tapped into your Quantum Healing powers.

Part 4

Activate The Intuitive Healer Within.

Part 5

Learn 12 Dimensional Advanced Healing.

Part 6

Dissolve False Templates.

Part 7

Upgrade Your Health Right Now.

Part 8

Embody Divine Beauty.

Part 9

Discover Longevity Coded Embodiment.

Part 10

Learn How To Use 12 Strand DNA Embodiment.

Part 11

Delve Into the New Chakra System and Pineal Gland Crystal Activation.

Part 12

Experience and Learn Quantum Inner Child Healing.

Part 13

Reset The Soul Blueprint.

Part 14

Gain Galactic Rewire Tools & Plugins.

Part 15

Extra: 5D Business Template for Success.

Part 16

And… Full Integration, To Make Sure You Embody Quantum Healing


I just want to access Quantum Healing for my own use, do I have to complete the certification?

No problem! You can simply skip certification, while benefiting to the deepest layers of your being from this powerful program.

1 review for Quantum Healing Certification

  1. Jack

    Regan and JuanPa’s Quantum Healing Certification program is truly exceptional. In just 16 weeks, I experienced rapid and meaningful results, both personally and professionally. The program is expertly designed to tap into the infinite power of Quantum Healing, and Regan and JuanPa’s guidance and support are invaluable. The techniques taught are powerful and effective, leading to transformative changes. I highly recommend this program for anyone seeking profound healing and growth.

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Quantum Healing Certification

From: USD$517.00 / month for 12 months

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