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Develop, Launch, And Scale Your Personal Brand Into Success By Sharing Your True Message To The World

Are You Ready To Step Into Your Calling And Manifest Your Dream Income?

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Discover The Method That Has Worked For Hundreds Of Business Owners All Over The World… Even Those Who Had Zero Followers.
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But Without A Guide To Help You Develop, Launch, And Scale Your Brand…

You might end up spending hundreds of thousands more than what’s only needed

Mistakes are costly, especially when starting a business. It’s the reason why people think that you should have a HUGE capital before you can even think about establishing a name for yourself. (IT’S NOT TRUE) And at a time like this, it’s crucial not to waste resources.

You can spend so much time and effort and still not be visible

With an influx of people and business online, how will you make a lasting impression without having to spend hours creating valuable content for your audience?

You can be successful, but will you be happy?

I told you earlier how I earned my first million dollars before the age of 24, but I still wasn’t pleased. It’s a common problem among people within that class. That’s why they coined the famous quote, “money can’t buy happiness.” If you don’t know how to align into your purpose, you might end up feeling lonely despite sleeping inside your dream house.

You might feel burned out because you had to do things you hate

Do you like writing? Or maybe sharing your message? If you don’t know how to develop the right team early on, you might also have to do your most dreaded tasks such as accounting or programming.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Powerful 12-Week Training:

Getting Total Clarity on Your Message to attract people who align with you.

Igniting Your Voice, so you stand out from the crowd.

Building A Tribe that LOVES You and supports you whatever happens.

Clarity on Who You Want to Attract and Help because targeting everyone is counterproductive when growing your brand.

Creating Your Own Unique Online System that will allow you to have more time doing the things you love.

Launching Your New Brand with an abundance mindset.

Everything about Creating & Leveraging Products (Including Packaging) that align with your brand’s purpose.

Growing Your List and building a good relationship with them.

Getting Into PROFIT BEFORE Your Launch so you won’t need to spend a lot of money without being sure about the returns.

A Strong 12 Month and Beyond Plan, which will help you stay consistent with your goals, no matter what problems arise.

How to Get Seen Online – Social Media Hacks on all platforms.

And much, much more!

Is This Program For You?

You are only getting started on building a brand

and you want to achieve success without spending too much time, money, and effort on trial and error.

You have been in the Be Your Brand Academy Live course

and you want access to the training for life.

You’re ready to receive lifetime access

to our inspiring community of driven entrepreneurs in our private Facebook group!

You already have a brand

but you want to take it to the next level.

You want all the lessons from the Be Your Brand Academy Live

but you aren’t able to attend.

Program Bonuses


Access to All Future Updates
As time passes by, algorithms and trends change. The most effective strategies today may not be applicable anymore tomorrow. We’ll make sure that you’re always on top of your game by giving you access to all future versions of this program.


Lifetime Access to the Be Your Brand Online Coaching and Support Community
You can share with our inspiring community of driven entrepreneurs any problems you might encounter, your results, experiences…anything. You’ll be a part of our soulmate tribe, and we’ll be here to support you every step of the way! And the best part? Aside from the business owners and the RHI team who will be there to help you anytime, I will also be inside the group to answer your questions directly.


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Three One-on-One Personal Laser Coaching Calls with an RHI Coach
We always make sure that everyone who joins our programs will benefit from all the group lessons that we teach. But we also want to reinforce all learnings and guarantee that you can have an action plan tailor-fitted to your needs. So as an additional bonus, you will get three 20-minute one-on-one calls with your personal RHI Laser Coach whom I selected and trained personally. They went through a rigorous certification program to pass our high standards. You can ask them about strategies and any other technical questions, and they’ll provide you with laser-focused solutions. Moreover, they can help you shift and recalibrate so you can manifest greatness from inside out and have the most impressive results.


What's the schedule going to be like? I'm busy, and I'm worried about missing the episodes.

We’ll release a single video every week, so you have plenty of time to catch up. You can access it via the Regan Hillyer app, which you can easily install on your phone. And you can also open using your computer.

How long before I start seeing results?

It depends. I’ve seen clients experiencing significant shifts in their mindset that allowed them to work on their goals at a surprising speed. But then, the others took their time as they worked at a pace that’s more suited to their lifestyle. The thing is, success isn’t the same for everyone. What you might consider slow, may be a little too fast for some, and vice versa. Comparing your journey with others in your tribe isn’t going to help if it’s coming from a place of contraction. Instead, let them inspire you to move forward on your journey, no matter the setbacks. If you commit to the training and do the required work, you’ll see amazing results

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes. So we highly suggest that you watch the videos over and over again, especially at different stages of setting up your business. You’ll find that there are various lessons to receive every time.

Is the Online Empire Builder as impactful as the Be Your Brand Academy Live even though we don't meet face-to-face?

The beauty of technology lies in our ability to connect with people all around the world, the same way we do it in person. There may be a physical barrier, but we’re all still emotionally and spiritually linked in the same energetic frequency. The RHI team personally tested this online program to perfection, checking every single second of the training to ensure that we replicate the experience you get during the BYB Academy Live. Even better, you won’t have to spend money on plane tickets, and you can always go back to the videos whenever you want.

Is this going to work even if I have no experience in doing business?

Yes! We’ll teach you all the fundamentals before going to the complicated stuff. You also have the whole team of RHI Laser Coaches to assist you in any difficulty. Plus, you can get support from hundreds of well-experienced entrepreneurs inside the Be Your Brand group. If several of our previous enrollees in their teenage years were able to launch profitable brands, I’m sure you can, too!

I’m not very good with technology, can I still get results?

Yes! It’s very simple, regardless of your tech skills. We will give you easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to access our course and Facebook group.

How do I apply to this life-changing program?

If you now fully understand how powerful this program is, you’ll know why we need to pre-qualify all applicants. Influence is a strong weapon. We want to ensure that we accept only those who will use it to create a positive impact in this world. The Be Your Brand Academy has enabled several influencers, coaches, thought leaders, and industry authorities to amplify their reach. Imagine what can happen if we just let anyone in.
To undergo our vetting process, you have two options. You can book a call with one of Success Coaches, or you can message me via Facebook Messenger.

Don’t worry. It will be a fun getting-to-know-each-other wherein you can also gauge if this training is right for you.


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Online Empire Builder

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