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Hello, Love
How Will You React When I Reveal My Simple Shift Into An Abundant Flow Of Earning
Millions… While Sharing Your Passion & Purpose With The World?

This product/service is NON-REFUNDABLE
You know that you have to be in alignment with your purpose. You have a vision. You know the exercise. You have the why.

So what’s stopping you from scaling seemingly insurmountable hurdles when you KNOW you
have the skills to soar?
…Other people achieve their goals with ease… Why not you?
Is abundance only money in the bank?
You’ve likely heard this before (Maybe even from me).

  • Wealth & Lifestyle

It is a 12-month intensive training to take you from where you're at now, to generating millions of dollars and beyond.
The Millions, Manifesting and Magic is about accelerating the person and be given a system so that they know if they do the work, the money will just show up as a side effect of living into one’s truth and purpose.

Success Is 80% Internal 20% External

“Maybe I’m not cut out for this… maybe I’m not meant to be successful!”
…Is what I told my mentor after investing $100,000s into my entrepreneurial journey years ago.

I threw myself into everything…
Wealth creation, property investment, trading currency, sales, business, marketing.
Doing everything people told me to do! But I had nothing to show for it.

I’ll Never Forget His Response:
“Regan, you got it all backwards. You’re pouring time, energy, and money you don’t have into strategies.
You need to work on you… You need to understand how successful people THINK.”

And That Was The Catalyst
For A Multi-Million Dollar Personal Brand.

Millions, Manifesting & Magic Is For You If…

Part 1

You Need 24/7 Access To Our Millionaire Family Facebook Group.
Collaborate with powerful people who can both sympathize and empathize with you on this millionaire journey. Or share your daily struggles in a judgement-free zone.

Part 2

You Need An Accountability Partner to provide a sense of urgency.
Love, sometimes we get discouraged and don’t feel like doing activities that align us with our vision. You may disappoint yourself, but will you disappoint a dear friend? We lift each other up.

Part 3

You Need Me To Personally Assess Your Situation.
I comment on nearly every post. The millionaire family are the people who need my insight the most.

Part 4

You Need Advanced Monthly Training.
There is still a practical component. Twice a month you receive advanced techniques to harness your inner and outer strength. The business practices which got you to 6-figures are different than the ones needed to break 7-figures.

Part 5

You Need To Shift Your Identity Each Time You SMASH Your Money Goal –
Until You KNOW You’re A Millionaire! You can’t outearn your internal self. I help shift your identity up & up beyond millionaire status.

Part 6

You Need To Track Your Earnings – Not Obsess Over it!
I help you break down and execute your money goal over 12 months (without obsessing over every cent!).

Part 7

You Need Someone To Push You To Dream Bigger, Bolder, Sexier, & “Crazier”.
Your vision is like a muscle. I help you “work it out” so life becomes unrecognizable!

Part 8

You Need 100% Confidence That Your Vision Will Manifest.
I take you through the spiritual work to be content in knowing that your vision has manifested.

Part 9

You Need To Live That Millionaire Lifestyle Before Your Bank Account Catches Up.
These are lifestyle hacks that shift your identity before a cent has manifested in your account. Living your dream lifestyle likely doesn’t cost what you think it does!

Part 10

You NEED To Learn How To Sell Without Actually Selling.
What if you could persuade your Soul Tribe of clients through your body language, story telling, enthusiasm, and integrity? The sale happens on an unconscious level.

Part 11

You MUST Know The Secret Millionaire Habits
The Ultra Affluent Design Their Daily Routine Around for maximum productivity and wealth.

Part 12

Your “Give/Receive” Cycle Needs To Be Programmed For Effortless Abundance.
Many people come to me because they’re scared to give more – I teach you how to receive abundance 100% guilt-free!

Part 13

You Struggle With Fear, Doubt, & Sabotage.
I’ll work with you to discover the root trauma and supplant it with Confidence, Certainty, & Protection.

Part 14

You Deserve Love & Gratitude… And Just Need A Little Help Believing It!
The reason people achieve their goals and are miserable is because they lack self-love. I’ll guide you through exercises that make your manifestations fulfilling.

Part 15

You Are Ready To Scale & Automate Your Business… But Aren’t Sure HOW!
Each decimal on your annual income is acquired in different ways. Learn the business practices of a millionaire!

Part 16

You Let People Violate Your 23 Levels of Tolerance.
Not sure if someone should be in your life? Set firm boundaries with the “Millionaire Tolerance Scale”.

Part 17

You Seek The Energy Of The Rich. And want to immerse yourself in it daily.

Part 18

You Need To Beef Up Your Belief.
Even if you shift your needle of belief 2%… and another 2%… it becomes unshakeable before you realize it!

Part 19

You Wonder If Your Decisions Will Accelerate You To Millions And Beyond…
Or If You’re Moving Backward! I’ll show you how a millionaire makes decisions that are in total alignment with their vision.

Part 20

You Need To Understand Your Mission, Purpose, & Message On A Deeper Level.
There’s always more to share. The deeper you dive, the more your Soul Tribe will support you.

Part 21

You Stop & Start Too Often… And Need UNSTOPPABLE Momentum!
You and I don’t stop until we hit MILLIONAIRE status – and then we keep going!

This is the gold membership!

And you can enroll while membership remains open. You will receive an abundance of concentrated knowledge that you cannot receive elsewhere.
The classes present CRUCIAL instruction for breaking through your plateau.
Now, you may be at a level where the slightest uncertainty in your identity could result in $10,000s lost. Every small decision has the potential to be catastrophic.

The Stakes Are High. You Need A 100% Private Place To Be Vulnerable …There’s Just One Challenge!

Private mentorship starts at 1,000,000 annually!

And I don’t align with just anyone in this capacity. Only 5 entrepreneurs are admitted.

What drives those clients to multi-million-dollar status and a life they barely recognize FASTER than anyone is because our lives are intertwined.

They have daily access to me. Where I go, they go.

If YOU need to address energetic imbalances or rewire internal struggles instantly lest they manifest as $1,000,000 STRESS in your business!…

Or you need technical expertise of someone who’s made more mistakes than you’ve ever made decisions. . . And my fee is a little too much right now. . .

Then let me introduce the Platinum option:

Almost 24/7 1-to-1 Access to Me, Regan! Over voicemail and text for 12 months. You can talk about anything with someone who’s been there… how you’re going to meet payroll, self-doubt, even sex… none of your questions are shameful.
This Is For When You Need Guidance Immediately!

1-to-1 Monthly Coaching Session with your Private Coach! Handpicked by me. Learn from other people that walk the talk.

This Is The Platinum Membership

You may ask yourself if you’re ready for this program. If you’re worth making the investment in

If You Don’t Trust Yourself Now… Trust The Decision Your Higher Self Has Already Made!

You see, if we make decisions from how our life is manifesting now, the view remains the same.
Let me tell you how I made this choice (even though I was sick to my stomach!).
Years ago I was invited to a gala with ultra affluent entrepreneurs. Champagne… hors d’oeuvres nicer than steak dinners… I felt totally uncomfortable.

But That Was A Career And Life-Defining Decision!

Even though I felt like a fraud, I made the best of it by scrutinizing patrons on how they made their wealth. It was totally CONFUSING – Each person told a different story!
Yet they had one thing in common.
They stood with their shoulders back, they believed they DESERVED to be there…
Even before they made their wealth.

Decide That You Are Worthy.

Maybe your higher self doesn’t need to fly to sandy white beaches, wear Chanel, have a chiseled body, or the loving support of a partner with rock-hard abs.
(It’s not a lifestyle everyone is guided to.)
You DO deserve a life of TOTAL freedom and synchronicity with your authentic self. You deserve to be you.

I’ve Invested Millions To Learn What I’m About To Teach You

I knew that getting as close as possible to $1,000,000 entrepreneurs was the secret sauce. And let me tell you – it hurt! I was already making good money and (I thought) living in alignment with my highest self.
But through exposure to new people, environments, and ideas, I was able to reach another level.
And now I want to guide you to that level for a sliver of what I’ve invested!

Membership Is Limited To (70) Opportunities

Because you deserve my unfiltered attention, I must cap off membership at 70.

11 reviews for Millions Manifesting & Magic

  1. Arabelle

    Technically, we’ve done over $2.8M this year!! I mean despite all the external pressures, we have done this?! Like… OMG!!!

  2. Jutta

    Dear wonderful Regan, I wish you a magic, exciting and most beautiful 2023, may you reach millions of people with your incredible truth and life changing message. This is not a gold bundle it‘s a treasure of diamonds, during the merry season I spent hours with the courses and I have incredible breakthroughs and the days completely change to pure happiness. I already had an excellent life how could it feel so much better in such a super short time? I am able to hold Yoga poses like headstand or feathered peacock which were always challenging for me, like some blocks just melt. There‘s no way to fulfill everybody’s expectations and there is also no doubt that you and JuanPa deserve simply the best distribution platform in the world and it will come with your magical growth. Maybe that‘s the most beautiful message of all that I learned in this short time, to focus on what‘s important. I received all activations now your support team is really awesome and lovely, too. Thank you darling for your incredible beauty and presence! Just uploaded my first video, so exciting! xxx J

  3. Liza

    “Right? A 7 figure business in 2 1/2 yearssss.
    I’m celebrating”

  4. Camilla

    “Just realized…. Already up to my revenue goal for the month by the first week of April…🔥🔥
    Celebration 🔥❤️💫🥂
    Come and celebrate with me. I want to share with you family. After a month in self-sabotage, I cleared, released and re-aligned. So this week’s training was divine timing for me, to go even deeper. Shifted and re-aligned, back in focus, and anchoring new in 4.4 – sent a new weave out and into manifestation. In less than 24 hours – the gifts showered over me – 115k cash in. I Just realized…. I am Already up to my revenue goal for the month by the first week of April 🔥🔥 Celebration 🔥❤️💫🥂”

  5. Corrina

    Just got back to Puerto Rico! So good to be home!! Got our final year end numbers!! $702,651 cash and $1,014,219 in overall sales!! Woohoo!!

  6. AnneC

    “Hello beautiful! I am pleased to announce that my CFO just confirmed for me that we made € 1,039,798.35 of sales in 2022.
    Not everything is cashed because we have payment plans running for the next few months, but we got almost 100% of the payments.
    I knew that it was possible in my heart and I feel relieved that the numbers are confirming it. I MADE A MILLION WITH MY HEART.
    Now the book will flow.
    Thank you for supporting me in this journey, when I joined MMM in December 2020 this was a year at 120,000 I had just made 6 figures”

    I would like to express my gratitude to this container and to the amazing work of Regan and her whole team ❤️ I joined in December 2020, I was finishing my first year reaching 120,000 €
    In 2021 I made 600,000 €
    In 2022 I made 1,040,000 €
    Respecting my energy and creating from the heart, always. I feel that it is only the beginning and I’m loving the journey!
    much love,

  7. Crystal

    “All of a sudden my money allocations are super clear 😊 $4.72M is my number.
    The past year I made $2.4M usd 🥳
    Thank you so much for this beautiful training. ❤️🙏”

    “Thank you 🙏 I am eternally grateful to you for your guidance, your support, and your friendship.

    Somehow reaching the milestone of 1 million felt so huge, and reaching 2.4 million felt so quite and subtle…. yet beautiful. It’s not life… YAY, it’s just a small smile on my face. Do you know what I mean? I’m sure you do. ❤️

    Last year, with the 1 mil milestone, I felt so focused on money. This year I felt focused on serving others and my connection to God. It feels completely different, and yet the money more then doubled ❤️🙏. ”

    “And yesterday marks a year post surgery 😍😍 I’ll never forget how held I felt by you through all of it.

    I can’t even believe it

    I love you so much

    😭😭😭😭happy tears 🙏🙏🙏🙏”

  8. Hannah

    Your mentorship changed my life and I am so grateful 💕

  9. Kayote

    (I am actually a multi millionaire now) – I went from making 400K a year to manifesting 2.8m in the past year….”
    “PS THIS WOMAN IS ANOTHER RIDE OR DIE SOULMATE. I love you so much you f*cking quantum QUEEN.
    I love learning from you – truly the best mentor I could ever have imagined or dreamed for. You rock my work every single day. Without fail. THANK YOU.”

  10. Nicky

    Finished on £131k for August
    Which is amazing
    We didn’t launch and I was only on 85% brain capacity
    So grateful

  11. Carrie

    Getting super comfy with Quantum leaping, anchoring into the physical body, and the awareness of the frequencies of manifestation. And choosing deep knowing from this moment forward.
    Beyond grateful for this container. So glad that I knew that I knew that I knew at a soul level I was meant to be here.

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