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Join Regan and JuanPa as they take you on an 8-week journey into a divinely inspired online immersion into the highest frequency of love and soul connection.

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Love up is designed for you to find clarity on who our soul match is and call them in fast.
  • Love & Relationships
  • New moon In Taurus

A course to assist you to get clear on what qualities you desire in your current relationship and how to understand and embody the divine union codes so you and your partner can grow together.

Whether you are in a relationship or single, Regan and JuanPa will guide you through this 8-week journey to call in, or up-level the soulful relationship of your dreams.

What you will learn

Part 1

Finding clarity on who your soul match is and call them in fast.

Part 2

Get clear on what you desire in your current relationship and up-level to that.

Part 3

Embody divine union codes so that you and your partner can grow together.

Part 4

Tapping into sexual alchemy for manifestation and healing.


I am single and keep ending up in destructive relationships, would this course help me to see and avoid these situations?

Yes! Love Up is designed to assist people to understand the laws of attraction and why they keep self-sabotaging in relationships. It is perfect for the single person to achieve clarity on what they are calling in.

My partner is not interesting in doing the course with me, would it still be of use?

Yes. You will benefit from, and find useful, the Love Up insights regardless of whether or not your partner participates or not.

8 reviews for Love Up

  1. Danni

    I’ve watched our last week 6 with Regan Anne Hillyer and Jaunpa ….aaahhhh just so good. It has been a beautiful journey and l have loved our live training sessions so much. I will miss them thank you to you both.

  2. Megan H

    I want to share a fascinating and pleasing observation. As I continue to cultivate self love and embrace my value, exes are reaching out to me and apologizing for the way they treated me, and I am aligning with film/tv directors who appreciate my talent, my essence and the whole of me rather than the ones who were only interested in carnal collaborations before. AND these directors are impeccable with their word in terms of follow through and immediacy of project start date. As I am more impeccable with myself, I am no longer attracting the wishy washy , elusive, business opportunities!

  3. Megan

    Wow wow wow I just watched week 4 singles. So powerful!! Even though I am in the couple’s call, I found the singles calls powerfully build on all the work and especially for me week 4 singles has cemented soooooo much in my mind..very excited

  4. Keri

    Thank you for being on this journey with me. It’s been a big year to get to this place.
    Thank you so much for the space to share this. Whilst it’s not ‘homework’ from this course… it has EVERYTHING to do with loving myself and all the inner battles I have been facing.
    Regan Anne Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona. I love you both so much. Thank you for being a light in this world.

  5. Kartik

    Doing the rituals everyday has shifted me immensely in a positive way. Being able to create what I desire in my soul relationship crystal is fun and interesting without worrying about the outcome as I truly believe its done. Trusting my innerself, soul and the Universe that I will receive my dream soul relationship I manifested at the most divine blissful moment.
    Finally, this love up course has been amazing and a special beautiful loving gift to me. This has really been powerful and deep. It has changed my whole life around to the person I desire to become and manifest the things i deserve to have in life. I love myself so much than ever before. I will continue to do this for the rest of my life during my beautiful soul journey here.
    Thank you so much Regan Anne Hillyer, Juan Pablo Barahona, Regan Hillyer-Team and everyone here. You’ll have been amazing and loving to me. This beautiful loving positive energy I received from here has made a huge difference in nurturing my innerself and soul everyday. My beautiful soul and heart is grateful and happy to be part of this familia. I wish everyone here manifest their dream soul relationship and be happy and loved within themselves.

  6. Margaryta

    What a beautiful life changing journey. So grateful for the experience, our group, JuanPa, Regan and all the beautiful souls. Wishing all of you infinity of love, light, joy and abundance in the new year and looking forward to celebrate our successes! We are just getting started

  7. Karen

    I am blown away by what’s happened! 6 weeks ago an old friend re entered my life and is everything I have been calling in for a deep soulful relationship. Our connection is amazing. Totally unexpected but going with the flow and enjoying it. I absolutely loved this program! Thanks Regan Anne Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona

  8. Jill

    Even our hardest days, need us to remember why we are grateful. I am grateful I have learned the true key to all success. Thank you Juan Pa and Regan for this simple truth in my life.
    Regan you did it again. I have gone deeper yet into my past and released even more trauma. I have reprogrammed my trauma into gratitude. All of my life I have had trust issues. Afraid people would leave me, take advantage of me, steal from me. And many times I would get screwed over. Thanks to you I have been able to go back into my past and transform my experience. Thank you

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Love Up

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