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Join with Regan and JuanPa LIVE at The Nest Costa Rica for an intensive 7-day retreat.

An opportunity to attend a unique, transformational retreat with Regan Hillyer, the world’s #1 Manifestation Teacher and founder of Regan Hillyer International and JuanPa Barahona master of Quantum Flow, in their private space, The Nest Costa Rica.

Infusion at The Nest Costa Rica combines quantum technology and ancestral wisdoms for personal upgrades to facilitate one’s highest potential.
  • Leadership & Impact

Over this exclusive 7-day retreat that includes upmarket accommodation and all meals at the Nest Costa Rica, you will have the opportunity to personally meet and engage with Regan and JuanPa for a total, personal upgrade.

What’s on offer?

Part 1

This amazing Nest retreat includes training in bio hacking the brain, nervous system and electromagnetic field and quantum technology analysis and treatments, pineal gland activations, sacred medicine upgrade sessions, leadership coaching, vibration therapy to clear and revive, mitochondrial activations for longevity and and rejuvenation. Deep cellular detox protocol, nervous system reset, brain illumination and upgrade sessions, lymphatic system release, quantum flow and energetic architecture activations, organic superfood activations and elixirs for health.

Please note:
All accommodation is at The Nest Costa Rica and is included in the price, along with 3 meals per day. Flights to and from Costa Rica and other transport costs to The Nest are not included.


How do I access more information and dates for the retreats?

Personally message either Regan or JuanPa and their team will respond to answer all of your queries.


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Infusion Leadership Retreat

From: $1,349.00 / month for 12 months