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An unlimited, All-Access Membership that gives you exclusive access to six powerful workshops and activations.

$9.99/month or $95 annually
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How does Ignite with Regan Membership Work?


Offering incredible value at an accessible price point means that more of you, beautiful family, can start living the life of your dreams and activating your desires.
  • Business Strategy
  • Coaching
  • Health & Vitality
  • Leadership & Impact
  • Love & Relationships
  • Mind & Meaning
  • Publishing Services
  • Spirituality
  • Wealth & Lifestyle

Every course and activation within the membership is designed to be listened to over and over again, on a daily basis, so that you can constantly take your work deeper. The more committed you are to this work and the processes of each workshop, the further you will go in your journey.

All your exclusive membership content is unlocked immediately upon purchase and accessible via the Regan Hillyer International App.


What does my membership entitle me to?

Incredible value at an accessible price point for a package of Regan’s top-selling courses.

Every course and activation within the membership is designed to be listened to over and over again, so that you can work at your own pace and re-visit any concepts at any time.

LIVE monthly activations led by Regan within this exclusive group.

The support of a committed conscious community to share the activations with.

20 reviews for Ignite with Regan

  1. Nadine

    Listened to Regan Hillyer’s April Money Activation last night twice and once again this AM. Super powerful money HEALING of the 7 generations before and after…. Feel like we Light Beings are healing the wounds of eternity moving into a quantum beyond time and space… beyond the yogic scriptures of 7 generations. I had never thought of having « MONEY wounds » to heal from the family line of eternity….
    So powerful!! Thank you!!!

  2. Elzaan

    So absolutely intense and potent. So many tears and physically feeling Release in my heart Centre and a deep opening.Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Antoaneta

    Hello beautiful souls!
    I’ve been part of Ignite for a couple of years now and with every new level I uncover I find how the content never gets old, and continues to support me and my unfolding life purpose!!

  4. Maya

    So deep and magical, it felt like both my heart and my mind took it all in and I could just surrender. Thank you Regan Anne Hillyer

  5. Miriam

    Thank you for this powerful and really deep activation.
    I feel that something is healed now and I am open to give and receive love from an higher frequency.

  6. Shumonè

    Thank you for the beautiful activation. I was restless during so did not feel much. I just woke from some intense dreams loaded with others’ stories. Radical self love is what’s coming up for me and I am gifting myself today to do what feels good for me

  7. Tricia

    I had a throat opening and activation which surprised me because I had been focused on my heart. It reminded me how everything is connected energetically within ourselves as well as how we are connected with everything outside of us. I am also grateful to my guides and angels, who always see from a broader perspective and show me these beautiful connections. Thank you Regan Anne Hillyer for continuing to shine your light and lead these activations!

  8. Anne

    This was so powerful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I felt fully embodied with love and serving more from a heart centered space where everyone around me feels connected to my love essence

  9. Kelsey

    I loved it so much! I felt energy release in my back and it was so blissful. I’ve listened to it 3 times today lol!

  10. BP

    I have to share a miracle
    Thankyou Regan for the amazing work you are doing !
    I watched the first manifestation activation on your app this morning. Such a blessing!
    I believed and kept repeating the affirmations of healing and clarity.
    This evening I felt rejected by someone I like. I returned to repeating the affirmation.
    Healing, clarity, creativity cleansing and letting go. I asked for miracles to fill me before I slept tonight.
    Out of nowhere, two people whom I can help in upskilling themselves (it’s my area of expertise) contacted me and I have meetings agreed and invite sent.
    Thank you
    So excited for this journey

  11. KK

    I have been an Ignite with Regan member for several years. The activations have been instrumental in supporting my high vibration and my connection to my higher self and my guidance. It is from that high Vibrational place that I wrote my first book. It holds the energy of the message that my spirit wanted me to put into the collective. It’s my passion and purpose. I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to share this. Big Love always!

  12. TL

    Wonderful activation. Powerful healing on purpose intentions. Regan Hillyer is a gem sparkling healing and elevated frequency sure to heal the planet and all therein. Unconditional love to all.

    Saw hearts joined in unconditional love tunnel of flowing energy. Very grateful to have you in my life Regan Hillyer and everyone in this tribe vortex!!!!!!!! We are love, love is all there is. Best life ever to all.

    This Activation was beautiful beyond words. Regan Hillyer shines the true essence of the Light with boundless energy, sweetness, love, grace, truth, integrity. I am abundance. I am Light. I am unconditional love. To all I send Unconditional Love and Light. I am grateful to be in this tribe. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  13. SJR

    I am committed to staying in this frequency of loving abundance!
    That was such a beautiful and powerful activation meditation. Thank you!

  14. AL

    I am calling the next level of abundance in every field of my life, it was beautiful to remember that once I was on a lower level of abundance and how I manifest expansion and change. Now I feel powerful, supported and bold enough to ask for a new level in all areas

  15. JS

    That was such a wonderful deep beautiful activation
    My commitment is to work more and deeper with my womb, and to work more with my creativity meaning to be more creative
    There is much more that I realized and that I put more commitment into after this session, yet what I want to mention is that gorgeous magic point where mother nature stepped into our field so gracefully and powerful!!!
    Reminded me that I can even deepen that connection and I will
    Thank you

  16. AFM

    This was so powerful. I loved the nature part of the activation. Felt so fresh and fully abundant. I now choose to show up as my highest version who has attained all the abundance I desire. I am infinite abundance

  17. KX

    The nature noises were so creative and fun. I loved it! I’m redefining what status means to me! This activation really helped me integrate that to me frequency equals status. I mean I knew it mentally, but emotionally I was not there, and that’s what unlocked for me in this activation! It was super liberating because for instance women with a certain body type are considered to be of a higher status. I don’t have curves so I never really felt like I fit that mould. I was struggling between authenticity and status, but if frequency means status then all I have to do is raise my frequency! Because divinity can take care of me wayyy better than society ever could if I were to fit the traditional social role of having a high status.

  18. IM

    Regan Anne Hillyer it was so beautiful! Just listened now. Very magical, thank you so much!

  19. BP

    The abundance activation was…fire.
    I recently did the calling in a soulful relationship activation on the beach…I don’t even know how to describe it. The moment I lay down on the beach, I completely sunk in, my body surrendering to the sand.
    I just knew something powerful has been activated in me.
    Thanks so much Regan

  20. GF

    It was so good!!! The timelines are anchored. So much clarity and it felt so grounded throughout the activation – feeling the magnetism of the Highest Timeline coming through! I can’t wait to dive in deeper again with this purpose activation.

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