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Instantly usher in a new cycle of your deepest, unbridled desires…

In just 28 minutes & 29 seconds with Regan’s Higher Self Activation recording.

Whether you’ve listened to Regan’s activations before or are just listening for the first time… you will experience an energetic download that shifts you into a new, golden cycle of your life…

Simply listen with an open heart & mind…

  • Mind & Meaning

Regan's activations have assisted her to:
Manifest her first $1,000,000 dollars a year.
Manifest her first $1,000,000 dollar MONTH!
Call in her DREAM relationship.
Shift her body into higher health and energy.
And get clarity on her purpose after conquering what seemed like giants!

You will learn

Part 1

To banish any internal strife.

Part 2

Watch small wins coming in that grow over time.

Part 3

To impact your life for good.

Part 4

To enter a new phase of your life with ease and grace.

Part 5

Absorb critical wisdom.

Part 6

Transcend into the best version of your humanness.

Part 7

And so much more!

Regan’s activations truly work! And have worked for hundreds and hundreds of her clients.


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Higher Self Activation