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Field expansion Ceremony

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It is time to say “Yes!” to the highest version of yourself…It is time to say “Yes!” to your full potential and expansion from within…It is time to embody your greatness in every area of your life.

During the Filed Expansion Ceremony, Regan and JuanPa will assist you to initiate useful contact with divine light beings who are looking to come through to you to guide you through the human experience.
  • Spirituality

This experience will expand your mind to allow you to manifest your visions instantly, and up level your performance and focus your mind and get ready to unleash your true inner power.

Course Breakdown

Part 1

Regan and JuanPa will submerge you in a journey of full awakening and expansion of your inner genius and your capacity to embody your full potential in every way possible.
Access the replay to be able to view it as often as you please to assist to recalibrate your life.


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Field Expansion Ceremony

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