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This healing frequency to listen to is associated in the production of endorphins.

111Hz is a healing frequency that assists in cell rejuvenation and regeneration.

By producing endorphins, 111 Hz relieves pain and elevates mood. It can increase feelings of overall well-being, empathy, and improves focus and memory.
Listen to this frequency for relaxation, sound healing, sleeping or meditation.
  • Health & Vitality

111 Hz is the “Frequency of High Consciousness”
MRI scans show that the brain switches off the prefrontal cortex and deactivates the language center that is responsible for holistic processing, creativity, intuition, and inducing a phase at exactly 111 Hz. This reaction results in a divine level of meditation, the trance that some believe allows you to get connected with the universe, God or a creator.

Course Breakdown

Part 1

This activation also uses binaural beats and delta waves so that you are able to receive the frequencies at an even deeper level whilst you sleep.


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DNA Activation, Cellular Repair, Whole Body Regeneration