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Building Your Soulmate Team

Do you wish to learn how to create a focused, powerful and committed team?

Manifest and nurture your team into a genuine soulmate team that will assist you in taking your business to the next level.
  • Leadership & Impact

Learn how to grow your team, as your business is growing and its needs are changing.

What will I learn?

Part 1

How to hire dream team members.

Part 2

How to lead them with vision.

Part 3

How to ensure they don’t leave you.

Part 4

How to create more and more free time for yourself.

Part 5

Figuring out where you start with team building and what are the next steps that you need to take.

Part 6

Manifesting the perfect people when you’re not sure how to find them.

Part 7

The biggest mistakes people make when hiring.

Part 8

How to start having soul mate team members for less than you think is possible.

Part 9

How to ensure you don’t end up wasting your time on managing the team.

Part 10

The weekly, monthly and yearly structure you need to have in place to ensure your team is powerful.

Part 11

How to build a team that is completely location free so everyone can work from their laptops.


Can I upgrade to a VIP option with this course so that I receive some 1 - 1 coaching in this area?

Yes! Access everything in the Online Course PLUS with the VIP option, add on two 1-1 coaching calls with your personal RHI Laser Coach.


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Building Your Soulmate Team