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True abundance isn’t just about money.

It’s about creating a life that’s authentic and brimming with deep, loving relationships, purpose, good health and being financially rewarded for work that is completely aligned to your passions.

This 52-day online immersion with Regan and JuanPa, guides you on your own journey into abundance, as they rewire your subconscious and integrate their unique gifts into your reality–fast!
  • Mind & Meaning
  • Spirituality
  • Wealth & Lifestyle

Bringing together powerful techniques to help with rapid transformation, over 52-days Regan and JuanPa cover health, mindset, emotions, relationships, passion, wealth, purpose, spirituality and contribution, activating the 52 abundance codes that they channeled specifically for this program.

What Will I learn?

Part 1

Activating Abundance 52-Day Online Immersion is a powerful online abundance program taught by Regan Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona.

Part 2

Together, they walk you through each of the 52 abundance codes via 52 individual videos that cover health, mindset, emotions, relationships, passion, wealth, purpose, spirituality and contribution.

Part 3

Activating Abundance has been intentionally created to give you access to the most effective, progressive and proven manifestation techniques, spiritual principles, and success strategies available right now.

Part 4

Get lifetime access to 52 videos sent instantly to you via email or the app so you can start manifesting abundance right away. And since the course will be available to you forever, you can also choose to take your time as you follow the journey at your own pace.

Module 1

Regan and JuanPa welcome you into the deep vortex that is Activating Abundance.

Module 2

Get into your body, expand into self love and activate daily health with these 6 powerful module 2 videos.

Module 3

Six video trainings with Regan and JuanPa that will expand your consciousness, overcome internal limitations, rewire your mindset and realign your belief system.

Module 4

Dive deep into your emotional ecosystem with these 6 powerful video trainings. You’ll learn to separate from your emotional body, to understand the emotions, transform energy into emotion and so much more.

Module 5

Who do you want to attract? These 6 video trainings unpeel the layers of relationships so you can release toxicity, activate your heart centre and call in the relationship you dream of.

Module 6

Explore the role of passion and how it impacts your manifestations by learning how to burn the critic, heal your inner child, release your deepest desires and become a passion intensifier.

Module 7

Step into a new wealth paradigm with the powerful tools and techniques gifted to you in these 6 video trainings. Trust us, your ideas around wealth and money will drastically shift after this module!

Module 8

Abundance comes from living a soul-aligned, purpose-filled life and this module really explores your truth and purpose. Delivered over 6 daily videos, you’ll cut the chains of limitations, seek alignment and level up.

Module 9

Ready to meet the power within? These 6 daily video trainings take you deeper into your soul, so you can look in the mirror of spirituality, seek meaning and find a daily source of ceremony.

Module 10

Connect to something bigger than you by contributing to Earth and using your purpose to Activate Abundance for the entire planet.

Module 11

Final video
Congratulations! You’ve Activated Abundance


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Activating Abundance Online 52-day Course