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Activating Abundance – The Elixirs

A full set of 9 unique flower elixirs created to assist you in activating the vibrational frequencies of each of the Abundance Codes.

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Do you want to experience the codes on a deeper level?

The Activating Abundance elixirs are a series of uniquely created flower essence elixirs designed to activate each of the 9 key areas of your life and the codes within them.

Course Breakdown

Part 1

The 9 uniquely created elixirs work on a vibrational level, and in harmony with the cosmos to assist in bringing about abundance in any area of life you choose.

Part 2

These elixirs were created by Shelley, a Master Herbalist , in collaboration with Regan and JuanPa to help you activate the codes of abundance at a deeper, multi-sensory level.


What are the elixirs crafted from?

All of the elixirs are traditionally made from flower essences and are 100% vegan.


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Activating Abundance Elixir

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