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Activate 2022/2023

An intensive, online 1-hour activation with Regan to assist and aid you to set your intentions for the upcoming year and to clear the pathways for an activated, high vibe coming period.

This product/service is NON-REFUNDABLE
Clear out past negative energy from the old year and activate your intentions for the coming cycle.
  • Mind & Meaning

Regan's activations are so incredibly powerful and targeted to specifically set your intentions, clear blocks and get into the flow of the new year.

What will you learn?

Part 1

The benefits and advantages of joining with a like-minded community for powerful life-changing activations to move into the new cycle.

Part 2

Step in to a potent ceremony specifically designed to set your intentions, clear blocks, and get into the flow of a new year.


I have some specific goals in mind for the coming new year and the new cycle, is this activation something that I can use to assist me achieve these goals throughout the year, as well as just at the beginning of a new cycle?

Yes! This potent ceremony is designed to focus your mind on exactly what it is you are reaching out for. The activation is powerful and is specifically targeted so that you can specifically set and get delivery of your intentions and goals.


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Activate 2022/2023