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7-Figure Manifestation Workshop

It’s time to shift, and call the next layer of success into your reality NOW.
Whatever area of your life you are ready for expansion in, Regan’s 7-Figure Manifestation Workshop is going to teach you everything you need to know about aligning and scaling to 7-figure manifestation.

This product/service is NON-REFUNDABLE
If you believe that this is your time now to shift from where you are to be more, have more and give more, then this is the moment to call in the next layer of success into your reality.
  • New moon In Taurus
  • Wealth & Lifestyle

This powerful, 3-hour training with Regan uncovers the secrets to manifesting the life and income you desire.
You can use these practices to skyrocket your results in all areas of life, no matter if you're looking to call in wealth, health, success, or love.

What you will learn?

Part 1

How to rapidly increase your income

Part 2

How to step into the higher version of yourself

Part 3

Activate and lock in your personal connection to the energy of abundance

Part 4

Identify and rewrite your money beliefs

Part 5

Learn Regan’s 7-Figure Money Tracking Secrets


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7 Figure Manifestation Workshop