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7 Days To A Kick Ass New You.

Are you ready to embrace change in all aspects of your life? Step up and step in to a dynamic training.

Regan has put together this powerful 7-day intensive to share her most potent practices for rebooting your current reality by doing the deep inner work.

This product/service is NON-REFUNDABLE
Nothing is going to change in your life until you decide to take the steps towards making a change.
Regan has put together 7 intensive daily, online trainings which are designed to kick you into massive alignment in ALL areas of your life!
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If you know that the key to changing anything in your external reality lies within you, from your relationships to money, career, then you are going to love this course. If you are a go-getter who wants the massive results, fast then this is for you.

What will you learn?

Part 1

To massively shift your manifestation results

Part 2

Kickstart your reality from the inside out

Part 3

Get massive clarity on what you desire, in all aspects of your life

Part 4

Discover how to call in everything you desire, with ease, grace and flow

Part 5

Completely overhaul and reboot your mindset

Part 6

Identify and release your limiters


I have tried lots of 'motivational' courses and nothing seems to work for me. How is your course different?

These life-changing processes come from a blend of Regan’s own life experiences and lessons, as well as the wisdom from having invested more than half a million dollars into her mentors and coaches. Regan has found out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to motivation and profound, internal change. In this intensive, she is passing on to you her most powerful processes which have helped her to build her multi-million dollar empire. These processes worked for Regan and also for hundreds of her clients who have benefitted from her knowledge and wisdom around self-change.


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7 Days To a Kick Ass New You

From: USD$217.00 / month for 2 months