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Take your life and your business to the next level with Regan’s 5-week Success Mindset Program and learn to call in accelerated levels of abundance.

Imagine if you could design your own success mindset ritual, get into alignment, move past all of your blocks and limits, take MASSIVE authentic action and accelerate your external results and more? What could you achieve?
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This intensive, 5-week, online video training will give you all the high-level tools you need to up-level your life and your business.

Whether you choose to focus on business, relationships, money, mindset, self-love, you will have the power to create ANY reality you choose. It's about not only changing your internal reality, but also your external reality across the board.

This training teaches you the exact steps Regan took to recondition her entire approach to her life and business and start getting the results she KNEW she had the potential to achieve.

What will you learn?

Week 1

Welcome to the concept of a Success Mindset

Week 2

Rewiring your mindset to succeed

Week 3

Overcoming blocks and limitations

Week 4

Conditioning yourself to take massive aligned, daily action

Week 5

Accelerating your momentum into the future


Will I be given tools for success that I can take away and practice over and over on my own?

Yes! This course is designed to strengthen the concept of a Success Mindset and that is something that once you have the knowledge about, needs regular practice and aligned daily action. You will be trained to understand these practices and how to implement them, regularly.

What comes next after I have completed this training?

At Regan Hillyer International, we believe that education, up-skilling and refreshing of training is a lifelong practice. We have a number of extension and ‘next step’ courses that you can access to build on and amplify areas, either personal or professional, that you feel you are lacking knowledge in or needing some guidance with. Have a click around the website, you will be amazed and pleased with the variety of options.

5 reviews for 5 Week Success Mindset Intensive

  1. Juan

    I believe that change happens in an instant! I choose to believe what I manifest happens instantly.
    When I started this Mindset Success Program, my expectations were to shorten the gap between my best version of myself to where I am now. I felt a shift happening in myself each week. I am confident, determined, courageous with clarity and intention on my goals, passionate, curious and more align with my purpose and life vision.

    Practice makes progress. Compound success — 2% internal work on a daily basis
    Thank you Regan Anne Hillyer for your contribution

  2. Paula

    It’s locked into my future because I choose it!
    This is so powerful it keeps me going. Thank you Regan

  3. DP

    This has been an amazing training !! Thank you Regan Anne Hillyer. I also listened to your latest 2 hours training! So powerful!
    Not much words to say here, I just feel the power of this method.
    And yes, opening the heart more

  4. Natalie

    I found this weeks training so helpful. I found it fascinating that we can actually go back in our mind to a point in our life where we have decided something negative. I could clearly see where my blocks and limitations come from.
    This week, after doing the daily mindset training I added on the tool for unlocking a block or limitation and choosing a positive decision instead.
    For all of these things I found that the tool to re wire a positive decision was amazing. Such a powerful concept.
    I do see that it will need consistent work but I’m so glad to be aware of what is happening and what I can do.
    This week I am feeling different. Feeling full of positive energy. Feeling less anxious. Feeling that anything is possible.

  5. Diana

    Celebration, reflection and commitment
    It has been an amazing journey, and journey is never over
    Celebrating with taking a day off.. so good
    Sometimes slowing down means speeding up.
    Deepening the purpose..
    Finding the inner peace in the midst of chaos in the world.
    Feminine and masculine within

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5 Week Success Mindset Intensive

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